CRAFTIVA is a humble endeavour from my side to bring to your doorstep the best collections of handcrafted Sarees and Jewellery that is unique to different parts of the country.
Having stayed in different places in this myriad country during my childhood I developed an affable personality that helped me connect with weavers and hand crafters at an emotional level giving me the opportunity to access their finely crafted products wherever I travelled.
Being an ardent traveller with a fine sense of fashion and penchant for colours…. I took my passion to the next level and decided to enliven the lives of people associated with me by presenting a selection of handlooms of my personal choice, which proved to be a eye catcher.
I now capitalise on my trusted fashion instinct towards building and making happy a larger circle of people by attempting to render fore infront you the same enthralling experience and present to you a carefully selected collection of varied handlooms and handicrafts sourced directly from the very makers thus enabling you to access authentic products at minimal prices.
I sincerely hope that you shall be delighted by all that I have to offer and request you to feel free offering your valuable suggestions, so that it may help me serve you even better.